Mi Amigo book and new orange Mi Amigo usb stick for sale now!

The newest orange Mi Amigo USB stick and also the book about Radio Mi Amigo are available. The 16 Gb 2023-usb version contains all 54 Mi Amigo Top 50 episodes that Ferry Eden 2022-early 2023 broadcast via Mi Amigo Radio. That’s 162 hours of Mi Amigo from the period 1974-1979 including the jingles, commercials and stories plus the documentary ‘The History of Mi Amigo’, which was recorded at the end of 1978. The USB costs € 39 including shipping. The colourful Offshore Radio book ‘Mi Amigo, de Vlaamse Tack van de zeezenders’ was written and published by Ferry Eden.

The book about Radio Mi Amigo and the other offshore radiostations of the sixties and seventies, is still available! In ‘Mi Amigo, de Vlaamse Tack van de zeezenders’is written in Dutch language. Most European radiostations between 1958 and 1991 broadcasting from sea are discussed. Following the history of the radioship M.V. Mi Amigo, which was already active in Scandinavia as Radio Nord in the early 1960s, Radio Mi Amigo will emerge at the end of 1973. The history of this Dutch-language offshore radio station is described in detail but as comprehensibly as possible, and provides a considerable glimpse behind the scenes. Because Mi Amigo and the other stations broadcasting from sea were not legal, which meant that many things were arranged in secret, it is teeming with strange and unexpected occurrences and amazing events. The book has 200 pages, 504 photos and many illustrations and was written by former Mi Amigo and Radio Monique deejay Ferry Eden.

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