Four different items you can subscribe to through this site:
1) the Mi Amigo usb stick,
2) the Radio Monique usb stick,
3) the book about Radio Mi Amigo and other offshore radio stations (1958-1980)
4) the book in progress about Radio Monique and other free radio stations late 70’s, 80’s.

How to place the order and receive the confirmation with the data:

If you enter the order and your data on the page further below, you will receive a confirmation via the email address you provided. This contains the required bank account and amount of money of your order to be transferred for completing the order. That amount varies per item but (due to varying postal rates) also varies depending on the country to be shipped to. You will find those rates on a subsequent page.

The items explained:

1) The orange 16Gb Radio Mi Amigo usb stick contains 60 retro Mi Amigo Top 50 episodes in old style (1974-1979), recently presented by Ferry Eden. Also this usb stick contains the history of Radio Mi Amigo he recorded in late 1978 including original fragments.

2) The 16Gb Radio Monique usb stick contains 15 retro Monique Top 50 episodes (1985-87) with Ferry Eden. In addition, the usb-stick contains original Monique board programs on studio quality, as well as more than 30 of his retro Noordzee and Veronica hit parades (1965-84).

3) The book ‘Mi Amigo de Vlaamse Tack van de zeezenders’ is about the radio ship Mi Amigo (1961-1980) and most other offshore radio stations of that period, but especially Radio Mi Amigo (1974-1979). It was self-published in late 2019 by writer and compiler Ferry Eden.

4) The realization of book ‘Radio Monique, de stem van de Noordzee’ is in progress. In it we first of all look back on what preceded both the offshore radio stations in the second half of the seventies, and the Dutch and Flemish land based free radio stations of the eighties. Besides Paradijs, Caroline and Laser, the main role in the book is for the Dutch stations Radio Monique, Radio 558 and 819. Ferry Eden plans to self-publish this book before the spring of 2025.

Both the proceeds from sales of the first three items and from the preregistration will benefit the realization of the upcoming Radio Monique book

Monique deejay, Ferry Eden.